The Still-Nameless Global Arts Newsletter
Vol. 1 No. 2 • November 2005
Patagonia, AZ

Treasures from around the corner and around the world

Where In the World Is Our Newsletter’s Name?
Finders Fee: $75.00

Every holiday season, I tip my hat (Gee, which one should I tip? My plum-colored San Diego wool hat or my BC felt crushable, suede travel hat?) to Linda Chase, owner/artist of Painted House Studio. Four years ago, Linda came up with the idea for this now Patagonian tradition where nearly all the town’s shops, studios, and galleries collectively dish up our best.

The tour, which inspires our shopkeepers to deck their stores with holiday trimmings and serve a bounty of delicious food and drink, spotlights local artists and local shops. Save room on your calendar for this one, and be sure to stop by to see what’s cookin’ at Global Arts.

I search the globe for the perfect treasures for Global Arts, and most often, as my dear loyal customers will attest, I find them. The name for our newsletter, however, still alludes. So, I’ve extended the deadline until December 1st (of this year) and have raised the ante. The genius that comes up with the winning name will receive a $75.00 gift certificate to Global Arts. Enter as many names as you’d like, emailing your suggestions to:

Oh, my favorite thus far:
Global Warbling.

“I Hear Music.”
Celebrating Sleeping with Schubert in conjunction with Patagonia Walking Tour Friday  & Saturday November 25 - 26

Exhibition Dates: November 14th through January

Local creative genius and Global Arts buddy Bonnie Marson wrote a bestselling first novel, and now it’s coming out in paperback. (Nice to see a big publisher like Random House supporting such good work.) When we heard the news we knew we had to celebrate the occasion at Global Arts. And what better time than the weekend of the Holiday Walking Tour?

Here’s what’s in store: From November 14th through January, we’ll be showing the work of three music-inspired artists:

Bonnie Marson; her husband, Steve Sadler; and her sister-in-law, Nancy Sadler. It’s certainly the right season to keep things all in the family.

As Bonnie fans know, this lyrical writer began her career as a visual artist. Blending the real and imaginary, Bonnie creates figures and dreamscapes that like a Schubert Sonata often have an otherworldly quality. We’ll have plenty of copies of Sleeping with Schubert and the CD of Schubert’s magical music that sells with it. Learn more about this novel.

Another music-loving artist, Steve Sadler interprets the sounds that move him in kaleidoscopic mosaics. Antoni Gaudi, Niki de Saint Phalle, and the historic traditions of Morocco, Spain, and Portugal merge in Steve’s harmonic assemblages of ceramic shards, glass, photographs, and found stones. (Like me, Steve’s a traveler, so the materials he uses in his mosaics are often global.)

Plein air landscape painter Nancy Sadler paints to the beat of what she calls the “urban wild.”

Since moving from California to New York five years ago, Nancy has been honoring the “stark beauty and desolate nature” of Red Hook, the Brooklyn neighborhood Nancy now calls home. The move radically affected Nancy’s work. As she puts it “Traditional views are lost forever. I am endlessly moved by the world I wake to each day.”

What’s in Store? It’s a wrap.

They’re flying out the door, these heavenly soft, South American-style capes called “ruanas.” Ultra-comfortable, great for layering, easy to pack, one size fits all, our ruanas are made in France in a plethora of colors and designs and are perfect for cooler fall days and nights. At $85, you might want to wrap one up for a holiday gift. And don’t leave you out in the cold—give one to yourself, too. Absolutely! Buy two and save 10 percent.
Additional Styles and Ordering Information
Kids Add Mucho Life to Day of the Dead


Over 200 people attended our annual Day of the Dead Circle of Life celebration. We ate, played, listened to music, and honored departed loved ones. Three days later, on the actual day, the Montessori Middle School visited the gallery. The kids brought offerings and pictures of their dearly departed, added them to our Global Arts altar, sharing stories and anecdotes about their families and beloved pets. The experience was both poignant and sweet.

Before they returned to school, they invited me to participate in their classroom activities for next year’s Day of the Dead—a real honor.
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I’ve got more in store for our December newsletter and, as always, more in store at Global Arts Gallery. If you know the shop and have friends who don’t, but would like to, send along their names and email addresses. I’ll happily send them a copy of our newsletter, whether they’re around the corner or around the world.

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